Diam Harimau Pencak Silat

Monday and Wednesday 7-9pm @
Tottenham Community Sports Centre 701-703
High Road, White Hart Lane London, N17 8AD



Diam Harimau is the name of a Tottenham based Martial Arts club in North London which practices an Indonesian art known as Pencak Silat.

The Club is not a commercial concern and comprises of a small group of experienced practitioners most of whom have a foundation in other arts, but have found that Silat, and in particular the expression taught by Guru Randolph Carthy to have aspects which encompass everything that one maybe looking for, these include topics such as but not limited to the following:

Bela Diri – Self Defence.

Kudas, Jurus and Langka - Combat drills and postures which are both practical and holistic in the same way that Yoga is.

Breathing exercises – Very similar to Chinese Chi Kung and designed to strengthen technique and promote health for the internal organs.

Weaponry – Machetes, knives, sticks and the infamous Tiger Claw Kerambit are practiced but are not taught separately as they are merely an extension of the empty hand.

If you would like to practice then please contact the club in the first instance by email enquiry@silatharimau.co.uk and a member of the club will contact you.